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The antechamber consists of 2 texts that describe the ‘Place du 9 avril’ in Tangier. The way of describing the public square is inspired by Georges Perec. In his book “Espèces d’espaces”, page 108 he explains the method he will use to describe 12 places in Paris; streets, squares, crossroads, a passageway or some place he have leaved in or places he has some specific souvenir from. The method consists of making, each month, a description of one of those places. It will first be a description, as neutral as possible. This one is done while being present in that specific place. Then, a second one, written while being somewhere else will describe the place as remembered; people that was there and thing that happened. The descriptions will be sealed in one envelop. He would have a friend taking pictures of the places. The pictures would be putted in a correspondent envelops. A double description of each place will be done each year, always another mouth of the year.

My description is based on the observation of a square in Tangier. It consists of two texts. One written will I am sitting in a terrace of the square. The other one is written while I am sitting at home in Tangier. © 2009 • Privacy Policy • Terms of Use